Green Pea Guacamole

As I add this recipe, I’m not certain whether the peas in this week’s share will be sugar snaps, English peas or snow peas… Just that some sort of peas are coming (maybe Whirled Peas, wouldn’t that be nice, haha). This recipe seemed too clever to pass up, so I’m hoping English peas will arrive. Anyway, here’s Melissa Clark: “Adding fresh English peas to what is an otherwise fairly traditional guacamole is one of those radical moves that is also […]

Sausage with Chard and Rhubarb

This quick sausage dish is perfect for spring. The dark green chard adds freshness, while the rhubarb lends a citrus-like sour note that cuts through the richness of the sausages. If you don’t have any mustard seeds on hand, leave them out. While they do add a pleasant heat and gentle crunch, you won’t miss them if you didn’t know they were supposed to be there. Use any kind of sausage you like here: pork, duck, lamb or turkey all […]

Solstice Brassica Salad

As of this writing, in mid June, radishes and salad turnips are abundant, and strawberries are going off as well. This is a lovely, simple composed salad that you can make plate by individual plate, using just the quantity of things you like. It’s more or less equal portions of the main ingredients, then a generous sprinkling of fresh herbs, a simple oil and vinegar dressing, and accents of ricotta cheese, pistachio, and poppyseed. A friend of mine once told […]

Chard-Stuffed Trout with Tomato Vinaigrette

Many of the recipes featured on this site tend to be vegetable side dishes, but here’s one that uses an entire bunch of chard in an entrée that will serve 4. It may look fussy at first glance, but when you break it down, it’s really not very complicated. And, conveniently, the tomato vinaigrette can be made a day ahead. If you can’t find four individual butterflied trout, you can use larger single trout fillets and simply top them with […]

Creamed Chard the British Way

So, this is an example of what one might do if the chard you’re using has any bitterness or toughness to it, or if you’re trying to charm a chard skeptic by disguising it with butter, cream, cheese and breadcrumbs. I would probably eat this for breakfast, but it can also be served alongside any protein, grain or pasta for dinner. The BBC Food website offering the recipe prepared it to accompany mashed potatoes and duck breast a l’orange. Fancy! […]

No-Recipe Swiss Chard

It’s amazing to get Swiss chard that’s so good, the stems can be munched on raw and they have a little sweetness, with barely any fibery toughness to them. So don’t throw your stalks away, they’re delicious! With any of the sturdier leafy greens, I always like to take a few bites of the raw leaves and stems to get an idea how I want to prepare them. If there’s any bitterness or toughness, I might treat them differently. The […]

Braised Salad Turnips

This was an experiment adapted from a Cooking Light magazine recipe for green beans and radishes. What caught my attention was the method – rather than just sautéing, or blanching the beans ahead of time (as I normally prefer to do), they sort of combined the steps. They simply heated a small amount of water + oil together in a pan, then added whole green beans and covered to steam for a few minutes. Next, sliced radishes went into the […]

Buttery Miso-Glazed Radishes

As declared elsewhere in this blog, my favorite way to eat radishes is thinly sliced and salted, atop a nice chunk of rustic white bread or sourdough baguette that’s been generously slathered with butter. Even without the bread-and-butter, I generally prefer my radishes raw… But this is an intriguing alternative, and as Cooking Light says, “Radishes require little embellishment at the peak of their season. The mild peppery bite of this humble root veggie is the perfect complement to a […]

Radish Carpaccio

A term once reserved for a way to serve rare beef, “carpaccio” has become a popular method of veggie preparation, and rightly so. From cucumber to zucchini to, in this case, radish, certain vegetables shine when very thinly sliced (which can be achieved with a sharp knife, a mandolin, or sometimes even a vegetable peeler). The carpaccio presentation allows their flavor and texture to be somehow optimized with a sprinkling of salt or other seasonings, and a drizzle of fruity […]

Rhubarb-Chive Flatbread

Picture a free-form, hand-shaped flatbread, oblong in shape, with bright spears of rhubarb fanned out lengthwise atop the loaf, like fat sheaves of grain. It’s quite striking, with the dark pink of the rhubarb stalks against the pale background, accented with sprinkles of flaky sea salt and green chives. Slicing the loaf crosswise will deliver chunks of rhubarb in every bite. Ingredients: 1 cup warm water 1 package active dry yeast 1 teaspoon sugar 2-1/2 to 3 cups all-purpose flour […]